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Nowadays many brands are trying to provide the best sounding wireless earphones under budget so here in this article we have some handpicked best Bluetooth earphones under 1500 Rs.

We all check and asking questions that which is the best neckband to buy for under 1500 Rupees and more importantly which neckband for whom so here we tried and tested the most popular Bluetooth neckbands so you definitely get your ideal Bluetooth Earphone in the Neckbands category.  

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Which is the Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1500 INR?

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1. Best Neckband Under 1500 By Infinity Glide

best neckband under 1500
4.6 Stars

The Entry-level best Bluetooth Earphone JBL’S Infinity Glide N100 neckband also a better option if your priority for sound.

 These cost exactly the same as Lenovo HE05 and comes with Bluetooth 5.0 the battery life is pretty average as 7hrs. but These sound way better than Lenovo H05. 

Talking about the build quality so it’s made out of durable plastic material and it’s super lightweight it’s just doesn’t feel you wear any neckband. 

Now moving ahead to the sound quality, we would say it’s above average, The bass level is quite nice, the Vocals are surprisingly clear, and to be very honest the sound seems to crack very little a the highest volume but if you go for an equalizer on your device.

It will be all clear and the sound quality stage is also wider and these have a warm balanced sound signature you would enjoy Bollywood rap vocals guitar covers on them. 

This Bluetooth neckband also has dual Equalizer mode which is basically two sound signatures if you press the volume + volume – button together you jumped to base mode.

Mic quality is really good you can make seamless conversation with this. so if your budget is very tight and you wanted cool-looking Bluetooth which gives you premium sound quality definitely check out this.

It cost you Rs.1099 and The Best wireless earphones under 1500 INR. and To check the Exact price rates and offers just click on the Amazon button.

2. Best True Wireless Earbuds by Noise

Best True Wireless Earbuds under 1500
4.5 Stars

Noise Tune Charge is also one of the best-sounding budget-friendly neckbands. Okay, so noise fit tune charge offers major features over the Realme wireless its dual device connectivity.

And trust us every Bluetooth audio wearable device like every device should have multi-device connectivity because it makes it easier to connect your phone to the laptop.

The build quality is above average it quite feels bulky but super light you get playback time o this around 16 hours which is quite impressive. 

In this Bluetooth neckband, one feature comes handy that is connectivity or easy switching device connection system like once you connect noise fit tune charge to your android device unpair it and then connect it with a windows device once done connect it back to android device and no you have connected to two devices at once.

Here is the best part if you are watching videos or music on your windows/ laptop device and you suddenly get called in the middle on your android device it automatically pauses your video or music on the laptop and jumps back to the android device once you hang up the call the video or music start on windows seamless.

Additionally, you also get a dual equalizer mode which takes you to base mode the only thing we could complain about is there is no magnetic play and pause. mic quality is sound is also good This is the best wireless earphones under 1500 INR to check out this just click on Amazon button.

3. Best Gaming Earphones Under 1000 by boAt Rockerz

Best Gaming Earphones
4.5 Stars

The cheapest and best Bluetooth earphones under 1000 is boAt Rockerz 255 Sports in-Ear Bluetooth Neckband. 

boAt always try to give their customer affordable wearable devices and this one is one of their entry-level Bluetooth Neckband also quite impressive with 999 Rupees Price tag.

The neckband design is comfortable and lightweight to wear. The earbuds have arranged magnets in them which support them to stick to one another when dangled down so that no tangling happens.

Talking about design then it quite impressive wired are durable and fit and the finish is good as per price point. It also had rubber ear tips and its snugged fits into the ear won’t fall off easily. 

compared to the non-pro version, it is a slight improvement in quality. Not that it is very remarkable, but a small improvement. Bass produces got good quality, The amount of bass contrasted to others in the identical price range.

The bass is cleaned, strong, and is not confused like realme Bluetooth earphones. vocals are similarly clear and crisp. it is loud and sufficient to be heard in noisy surroundings. Addressing Mic the calls were quite clear. the voice was loud without any confusion and certainly very clear.

This has got the A2DP feature. Hence dual connectivity does present and We did not feel any connection drops of any sort of lag you will feel while operating online games.

It had decent battery backup With its 6 hours of playtime, you’re sure to spend a quarter of your day with these earphones. Listen to music, take calls.

So if you are looking for punchy bass and no long hours of usage then this will be the ideal for you the best Bluetooth earphones under 1500 Rupees its really good Earphones 

4. Noise Tune Active Plus Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

best earphones under 1500
4.5 Stars

Noise Tune Active PLUS is also one of the best-sounding budget-friendly neckbands.  It cost you around Rs. 1399/-

It’s Featuring an ergonomic layout with delicate silicone ear tips for added comfort also the Bluetooth v5.0, you can appreciate tunes for up to 10 hours. 

The design is very good it has soft touch on wires and on the neck, it is very lightweight doesn’t even feel you have to wear a Bluetooth neckband.

The fit and finish are also great looks premium feel premium. It has soft silicone ear tips for great comfort and its snugged fits into your ears won’t easily fall off even running or doing workout sessions.

Talking about sound quality then It has Bluetooth V5.0 and a good range of connectivity. These earphones have 10mm Dynamic drivers so you can Experience the Immersive Sound with Superb Bass with great details.

It is not that punchy but the bass is well balanced and had a warm tone, vocals, highs, and mids are well balanced we would say.

Plus, the full-featured remote with a voice assistant helps you in control. The IPX5 rating takes care of the sweat while you burn off these calories while listening to music. 

It has quite good battery backup you can enjoy tunes for up to 10 hours and it takes 1 and half hours to fully charge. The mic characteristic is likewise up to mark no complaints here too.

And the dual pairing features lets you enjoy your music or take your work calls, so you can switch between laptop and phone without missing a beat which you will find handy.

So if you are looking for well-balanced sound notes so these will be your Best wireless earphones under 1500 INR. Definitely go for these good-looking wireless earphones.

5. Best Sports Bluetooth Earphones By MI

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones
4.4 Stars

MI Products always deliver great value for money products and these MI Sports Bluetooth Earphones are the example. 

It originated way back ago but still today These Bluetooth earphones under 1500 Rupees we surely suggesting these pairs because of their quality. 

This Bluetooth neckband seems pretty prominent where you compare the build quality of the wire material looks super excellent even it doesn’t showcase its MI branding everywhere it’s super remarkable.

It is created ergonomically so your workouts are smooth and your movement is not restrained. It has inline silicon ear tips and surprisingly snugged fits adequately in-ear so if you are running or doing your workouts this thing won’t fall out easily.  

When you turn it on or off, it also plays voice notification to let you know if it is turned on or off and this feature we wish every new wireless earphone should have this one.

Talking about sound quality then It is loud, It has soft silicone tips so the noise of the surrounding will not affect you when you are using it. 

Xiaomi claims dynamic bass feature that didn’t impress. The bass is normal, so it will disappoint you if you love bass-heavy music. It Separates highs and lows and remains well balanced we would say.

It supports Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity with Bluetooth forms like HFP, A2DP, HSP, and AVRCP. As quickly as you turn it on, it directly connects to the phone it was already paired if the Phone’s Bluetooth is on. It also works nicely under Bluetooth’s operating area.

It doesn’t have fast charging however It packs a 120 mAh battery moreover the battery lasts for 8 hours in constant usage. The battery takes about one and a half-hour to fully charging.

So this one also a well build Wireless earphones are one of the best Bluetooth earphones under 1500 Rupees and great value for money headphones.

6. Best Bluetooth Earphones with Mic By Boult

best Bluetooth earphones with mic
4.6 Stars

The newest Boult Audio ProBass Wireless Surpasses the Sound quality of all Major Expensive brands. It cost you around Rs. 1499/- It also has some color options which vary by price.

The build quality of this product is decent but the materials are used good quality so it doesn’t feel cheap. The Earphones Wires are so long they can touch your Navel, so it’s very tedious to find the earphones while driving if a call comes. 

It has Noise Isolating Aerospace Grade AL Drivers Buster comes with Built-in micro-woofers that produce deep bass, isolating noise in any environment. 

The earphones have soft silicon Ear tips and shaped to snugged fit your ear and it is comfortable you will enjoy this with your running, workout sessions.

Coming to the sound quality it is very Precisely good in the ears. This boult Earphone Surpasses all of these expensive earphones in terms of Crisp sound, Loudness, Bas. well balanced and warm sound note you will get.

The battery gets charged in around 30 minutes to an hour and provides you playback time is 8-10 hours and it has 1-2 days of standby pretty decent at this price rate.

So if you looking for premium well balanced sounding best wireless earphones under 1500 INR then this one you should pick.

7. Leaf Air Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Earphones

Leaf Air Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Earphones
4.4 Stars

The Leaf is also one of the well-known brands with its good looking and affordable sound accessories maker and this Neckband is also one of them and The best wireless earphones under 1500.

The neckband resembles premium also very LIGHTWEIGHT and COMFORTABLE Leaf Air comes with good quality flexible wire. This neckband and weight are only 25gm which provides you feel alike Air.

It made out of good quality plastic also has silicon inline tips without a supporter but it snugged fits into your ear just adjust the ear tip according to your ear size.

It has strong 10mm drivers for HD quality music and our wide bass technology so you can appreciate your favorite songs with better clarity. The bass is not extremely emphasis it has a great warm tone therefore jazz songs sound good on these.

You can also take calls and talk with the help of the Hi-Fi microphone attached, which is also why you are guaranteed a good quality audio experience. 

It has decent battery backup Leaf Air provides 8 hours of battery backup and a charging time of 1.5 hours.

So if you are looking for super lightweight wireless Bluetooth earphones? Then this the best Bluetooth headset under 1500 Rupees.

So tell us which one you should pick also do comment any suggestions or your favourite one which we miss out. Also do check our other articles for best handpicked tech. is supported by it’s readers and we value each one of you keep supporting keep sharing with your friends. 

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