Best Earphones with mic under 1000

10 Best Earphones Under 1000 with Mic in India | 2022

Choosing the perfect pairs of good earphones always being a big task in this days because in market there are too many options which might make you confused so here Mynxtech listed the all the best sounding earphones with mic under Rs. 1000/- which is available in Indian market online. 

We also keep in mind your need and as per your usages which pairs are suitable for you and make your journey, your gaming’s, your show time great so read till the end of this article, so you definitely find your perfect pairs of earphone for sure and the best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs

1. Realme Buds 2 Earphones

4.6 Stars
  • Realme offers great value for money with these well-built earphones. 
  • Realme buds 2 with an ultra big 11.2mm bass driver which gives you a powerful punch of bass. The big bass driver consists of a multi-layer composite diaphragm and Japan Daikoku Voice Coil technology for the ultimate bass experience.
  • Realme buds 2 also features a 3 button remote with a mic, so you can control your music, videos, and incoming calls.
  • Coming to the cable wire design so it’s just super durable and tangle free earphones, like the Realme buds 2 features a tangle-free design with a built-in strap and magnets, which make it super easy to store and made very convenient, and this surely the best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs.
  • Coming to the sound quality so at this under Rs. 600 this one is really super, you’ll get the good build quality and decent sound signature.
  • The voice call clarity from the microphone is good without any distortion.
  • The realme buds 2 also features a premium matte design with realme’s distinctive logo and colors which will surely stand out from the crowd.
  • Super light in-ear and gives you comfort, you can wear this 5-6 Hrs without any problem. So if you are looking Best Earphones with Mic Under 1000 in India 2021 Definitely you have to give this a try if your budget is super tight.
  • this one surely the best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs. price mark. To buy or check the exact price rates please click on the Amazon button.

2. JBL Endurance Run Earphones

4.7 Stars
  • The JBL Endurance RUN’s design lets you choose between an in-ear or behind-the-ear fit we can say the very creative design from the JBL and this one is the best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs. 
  • The build quality also super impressive and the cables are durable, You get perfect headphones for you and your workout it’s super comfy and not easily pop out from your ears, so if you are a fitness freak person definitely you will love these pairs. 
  • It has the impressive JBL sound as you’ve heard it in concert halls, arenas, and recording studios so this exactly packed in a pair of tiny 8.2mm drivers. 
  • The Endurance RUN does just that. It has a warm and smooth sound signature so if you doing a Workout, Travelling even during work it’s super ideal for you. It has IPX5 so it’s Sweatproof and even during rainy days you don’t need to worry about it very impressive at this price rate. 
  • It comes up with a single button to take a call on the go or control your music at the touch of a button. Its design is super light and a Tangle-free wire cable you defiantly love to carry on your daily basis. 
  • The microphone output on calls is also very clear without any distortions. So at a Budget under Rs.1000, very promising with JBL Endurance Run definitely try these Earphones.
  • To buy or check the exact price rates please click on the Amazon button.

3. Mi Dual Driver Earphones​

3. Mi-Dual-Driver-Earphones
4.7 Stars
  • The very well-known very Simple and cool MI Dual driver Earphones just make worth you’re every single penny and best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs.
  • Designed for high-definition dynamic bass to make your music great every day.
  •  Mi Dual Drivers In-ear Earphones are the best for immersive audio experience with dual dynamic drivers for powerful bass and crisp treble and believe us it’s super brilliant in sound all the mid and highs you will enjoy in this earphone. 
  • It has Passive Noise cancellation which quite impressive, it blocks out the unwanted ambient noise to deliver an unmatched auditory experience, letting you enjoy your music, audiobooks, and movies at all volume levels. 
  • Mi earphones also make for good instrument separation. It has The tangle-free braided cable that is smooth to touch and anti-winding that lets you store effortlessly it in your pockets, bag, or case without the worry of repeated untangling. 
  • The cable on the Mi Dual-Driver Earphones is rubber till the Y-splitter and braided fabric from there till the 3.5mm plug. 
  • There are magnets inside the earpieces that keep them together when the headset isn’t in use very handy. It feels sturdy so if you are looking for Best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs. in India 2021 this one surely a smart choice. 
  • To buy or check the exact price rates please click on the Amazon button.

4. AT&T (USA) E10 Metallic Earphones

4. AT&T (USA) E10-Metallic-Earphones
4.7 Stars
  • AT&T (USA) E10 Metallic the unheard earphones but the premium sounding and the toughest metallic pair is a very great option to purchase and the best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs.
  • The pairs are made out of metal nut in-ear it feels light weight and comfortable. The earphones and the connector jack cover are made of machined aluminum its improves sound quality but it’s a lot tougher than some of the other earphones out there. 
  • The earbuds fit snugly inside your ears and help a lot with the noise cancellation but it’s not one of the best out there to do it, but considering the price it’s cool. 
  • The audio quality is rocking. It is crisp, loud, and crystal clear with the great bass effect which is powered by the two dynamic drivers one which emphasizes the bass and the other which focuses on the mid-tones and treble They provide three sets of extra ear buds for perfect fitting, choose them according to your ears for the best results. 
  • The wire too is tough and ribbed and does not get entangled easily super handy. Call quality is also impressive you can listen to the person at the other end quite clearly even in crowded transport and the other person too could hear you clearly without any distortion. 
  • The mic has a button that can be used to pick up or disconnect calls also can be used to play/pause when listening to songs.
  • Definitely try these are the best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs. To buy or check the exact price rates please click on the Amazon button.

5. JBL C200SI Earphones

4.3 Stars
  • The JBL C200SI If you are a person who listens to acoustics, silent, or some less bass music then this one is the perfect headphones for you and these are the best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs. 
  • This Earphones are designed very light with durable plastic material. its light weights so you can put this earphones for a longer period in-ear without any problem. 
  • Its feel very comfortable the sound signature also crisp and clear the bass are well balanced not too punchy, Treble is more than you may like but after some equalizer settings its feels good. 
  • If you travel a lot and love listening to your favorite tracks while you explore various destinations?  If yes, then there is a chance that you’d probably not be a big fan of ambient noise so this one does good job isolates you from distortions and gives you pleasure of good sounds. 
  • Its come up with single remote button so you can play or pause songs anytime. The mic output also clear without any distortions. 
  • try this one of the best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs. To buy or check the exact price rates please click on the Amazon button.

6. Pioneer Dynamic SE-C1T Earphones

4.5 Stars
  • In sounds instruments, you always heard the name of Pioneer & a very popular brand’s Pioneer Dynamic SE-C1T the entry-level wire earphones are just treat. These are the best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs. We would recommend it.
  • It looks so simple but The build quality super impressive and the cables are durable especially the area around the buds are well taken care of & feels sturdy. 
  • The earphone cables are tangled free so you can carry them anywhere you want. A song is made on studio monitors which comprise 20kz-20kkz. So in these earphones, you are going to hear all those sounds. 
  • The 9 mm dynamic driver gives you vocals that are very surreal sounding, especially on low ends. The drivers can pump music so crisp and clear on any device that you might use it with. in these earphones you’ll get single remote button to play or pause. 
  • The mic quality also great you don’t get any distortion while on call as price compares you definitely get good sound and build quality with these pairs. 
  • Go for these best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs. To buy or check the exact price rates please click on the Amazon button.

7. BoAt BassHeads 225

4.3 Stars
  • The super-popular BoAt BassHeads 225 today also offering the very promising build quality and super bass quality which we love the most And even today These are the best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs. 
  • Talking about the build quality so it has earbuds made out of metal Flat cables which are tangle-free in the true sense. 
  • Metal housing holds up well, but colour sheds off after 5-6 months. Perfect “L” shaped connector which is perfect for use with laptops while resting. Comfortable enough when used while in an upright position but not for long use it feels quite heavy in the ears after some time. 
  • The sound quality loud and also pretty good but the bass is too emphasize and clear vocals, sometimes it tends to distort above 75% level of volume. 
  • The mic Quality overall was great but started to deplete after 5-6 months. But it’s still good, not as good as new. 
  • Noise cancellation is good and noticeable by a person on another side. If you are going to use the mic a lot definitely you would like this.
  • Go for these if you are looking for long-wired best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs To buy or check the exact price rates please click on the Amazon button.

8. Sony MDR-EX155AP Earphones

4.6 Stars
  • The Sony brand itself popular for its great sound quality headphones and earphones. Although this pair feels too pricey with cheap quality plastic finished. and got a place in our best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs. List.
  • Its build entirely of Plastic material the cable are tangled free but it’s so thin not feel durable but possible. The Earbuds are so light and isolate you from distortions. 
  • Coming toward sound quality then it has 9 mm, neodymium drivers, for all types of music, the bass is so good vocals are crisp and clear, the background sounds this feels like an instrument playing nearby you. it won’t disappoint you for sound quality just up to mark.
  • It has a single remote button to play or pause songs, the Mic so clear you don’t find any background distortions while talking on calls. 
  • So if you are looking very lightweight and a very good balance between every low and high, every sound detail is very clear definitely check out these Best Earphones with Mic Under 1000 Rs. in India 2021. To buy or check the exact price rates please click on the Amazon button.

9. 1 MORE E1009-SV Piston Earphone

1more-E1009 SV Piston Earphone
4.7 Stars
  • The 1 More company has gained a lot of attention in the past years, the products they have rolled out have been loved and liked by the masses because of the balance between price and quality. These are the toughest best earphones with a mic under 1000 Rs.
  • The Build quality has a premium segment look thanks to the aluminum (Anodized metal surface) build, which helps to lightweight as well as makes it a solid product that is sturdy and looks sharp.
  • The cables are made from Kevlar fiber it is tough and you can take this as daily wear without taking too much care. Earbuds are comfortable too, But the department where it lacks is the bass Quality. don’t get any wrong it is there but for bass lovers, it feels like it doesn’t have punchy bass. piston design fits comfortably in your ears. Beyond comfort, the snug fit increases noise isolation, fullness, and bass.
  • 1MORE’s commitment to a naturally balanced sound, without the harsh bass and treble boosting prevalent with other brands, produces a fully satisfying listening experience without the need for unhealthy volume levels. We truly want you to hear what your favourite artists intended you to hear while protecting your ears. 
  • It has a single remote button to play or pause music, also the Mic output on call very crisp and clear without any distortion. 
  • So if you listen Acoustically, Guitar songs mostly then this Earphone you really loved with balanced sound, lows, and highs, every sound detail is the very crisp clear manner, definitely check out these best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs.
  • To buy or check the exact price rates please click on the Amazon button. 

10. Blaupunkt EM10 Earphones

Blaupunkt EM10 Earphones
4.6 Stars
  • Blaupunkt EM10 by Blaupunkt (which means blue dot). Blaupunkt is an iconic German brand that has developed cutting-edge audio technology since 1924. Today this legendary Audio Tech German brand is available in India with a superior quality range of Audio Products. and these are their best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs.
  • Coming to the build it’s made out of good quality plastic material, very lightweight, and also durable. In this earphones pair, you’ll get great quality it has the balance between deep bass and clear treble delivers a rich audio experience for all music genres, these sound isolating earphones can block out 90 percent ambient noise very impressive. The specially designed earpiece with a 45 degree angled stem ensures a tight fit inside the ear canal for better sound isolation. They don’t fall off, they don’t hurt your ears and you can have these on for long sessions and you won’t notice that you are actually wearing them.
  • It has a single remote button to play or pause music, also double clicks for the next track, triple clicks for previous also for calls short clicks for call receiving, and long press to decline the call very handy all in just one. also the Mic output on call very crisp and clear without any distortion. 
  • If you mostly play games or EDM’s definitely try these Earphones one of the best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs. To buy or check the exact price rates please click on the Amazon button.

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