Best True Wireless TWS Earbuds under 5000

8 Best Earbuds Under 5000 INR in India

Best True Wireless (TWS) Earbuds under Rs. 5000 in India

2021 we got many options of Wireless earbuds so the TWS segment definitely becomes more trendiest because of its design and usability so in this article we have tried and tested some best truly wireless earbuds which are more making sense to be under 5000 Rs. in India and this will be a definite help for your next Wireless earbuds and best tws under 5000 Rs.

We get more features and benefits like high-end wireless earbuds at budget because Smartphone makers like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme have already jumped in and launched their true wireless earbuds in India to compete with high-quality premium brand Apple and bringing many new affordable options for the consumers check our best tws earbuds under 5000 Rs.

1. Best Earbuds Under 5000 OnePlus Buds Z

OnePlus Buds Z review by
4.7 Stars

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 | Controls: Touch | Driver: 10 mm | Mic: Dual mic, ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) | Battery: Up to 5 hours.  5 hours in the earbuds, 15 hours in the charging case.  | Charging: Type-C

The newest end of 2020 we got the Oneplus earbuds Z and with tons of features like In-ear detection, Bass Boost, 20 hours of Battery, Low latency which all under Rs 3000 believe it 2000 Rs. Cheaper than Oneplus Buds and best tws under 5000 Rs

These Earbuds super best earbuds under 5000 Rs. and yes it’s affordable too. Talking about design then it’s super compact and tiny. It latterly fits into your jean’s small pocket

Coming to the design of the earbuds then it has An ear shape design with silicon ear tips for better isolation and better sealing. So it will not easily pop out from your Ear while running or working out in Gym.

Coming to the sound quality then we find it’s quite louder than one plus earbuds maybe because of the silicon ear tips and In-ear design. 

It has an ear detection sensor also so while watching a movie or listening song if you remove any single earbuds out of your Earthen the Music or Video will be automatically paused really find it useful.

The back of the earbuds is pretty similar to Oneplus Earbuds and its function very responsive exactly identical.

If you have a newer Oneplus device Like Oneplus 7 or higher then you will get Dolby Atmos really Amazing because this is the best tws under 5000 Rs.

It is louder and the bass boosts feature really functional and identical while listening to songs. So it gets better sound better depth and crystal clear Voice notes all credits go to in-ear design with silicon tips.

It has IP 55 Water resisting protection which is better on rainy days. These earbuds also have Low latency feature which available for oneplus device only.

Talking about voice Call quality then it’s top-notch You find 0 complaints Loud and clear voice even using 1 bud so on-call quality really gives you great results. 

These will be Best True Wireless (TWS) Earbuds under Rs. 5000 To purchase or wanted to know exact price details then simply click on the Amazon button.


Best tws oppo enco w51
4.7 Stars

Connectivity : Bluetooth 5.0 | Controls: Touch controls | Drivers: 7mm dynamic | Mic: Yes | Battery life: Up to 3.5 hours | Charging: Type-C charging port (Quick charge Support)

The Oppo’s newest Premium TWS OPPO ENCO W51 True Wireless Earphone brings the trademark for Comfort and most premium looking Earbuds in the market.

This TWS had good Noise cancellation with great comfortable ear fitting all this premium stuffs you get and believe it is the Best earbuds under 5000 Rs.

Which makes this one really surprisingly special. There is a 7mm dynamic driver onboard with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

And a range of about 10 meters and its actually works very great and the best tws under 5000 Rs.

Sound quality is also very impressive its sounds very balanced not too bass emphasized so you will enjoy the great details of any sound/music on this TWS Earbuds.

Build of earbuds so its looks so premium, light weight and very comfy in ears and while Talking on the call.

After about the Battery then Single charge provide 24 hours Music Play back, 15-minutes charge provide 9 hours music playback/calls with ANC (Active noise cancellation) On. 

Anyway the battery is pretty average here but quick 15-minute charge keeps the earphones running for up to 3 hours as real world performance.  

Depends on usage for our test it was good. When compare to Oneplus buds it’s less, But basic usage is enough so it is best tws under 5000 Rs.

You can charge this earbuds by plugging Type-C charge connector or charge it wirelessly as it comes with Qi wireless charging support which is great. 

Talking about voice Call quality then its top notch You find 0 complaints especially compare with Oneplus buds. Crystal clear voice even using 1 buds so on call quality really gives you a great results. 

This will be Best earbuds under 5000 INR. To purchase or wanted to know exact price details then simply click on Amazon button.

3. Best TWS Earbuds by Oneplus

oneplus buds
4.5 Stars

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 | Controls: Touch | Driver: 13.4mm | Mic: Dual mic, ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) | Battery: Up to 7 hours | Charging: Type-C

The Oneplus’s first ever TWS Earbuds OnePlus Buds was unveiled alongside the OnePlus Nord recently.

The OnePlus Buds has 13.4 mm dynamic drivers with 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response range. Looks trendy and feels good quality earbuds and the Best tws earbuds under 5000 Rs..

Its fits in ear properly without any problem but not as comfortable compare to Oppo w51. 

Sound quality is also very impressive its sounds balanced not too bass emphasized but loud The dynamic driver also supports 3D stereo with Dolby Atmos with Dirac Audio Tuner support so you will enjoy the great details of any sound/music on this TWS Earbuds. 

If you already have an Oneplus device then features supports are really great.

The build quality as we already mentioned its looks very trendy especially Nord Blue color option. 

It feels in ear very light weight but Due to lack of silicon tips, if you sweat even a lil bit, the bud will start sliding off. It doesn’t fall but it’s not a snug fit so it has lil draw back. 

Some features makes it more sense that is you could switch between 2 mobiles very easily with a 3 second hold on the touch surface of earbuds. so No need to connect/disconnect manually. 

Second If you misplace one, you can locate it using an alert sound but it needs to be in range very helpful feature. Having low latency also very attractive feature for games where minuet time also important for you. 

Coming to the battery life so it has 30 hours of Music playback. The case is a power bank, allowing up to 30 hours of listening time. 

Charging for 10 minutes enables your earphones to be listened to for 10 hours so for long battery life definitely a great option and best earbuds under 5000 Rs..

Talking about voice Call quality then its loud and clear. This will be Best True Wireless (TWS) Earbuds under Rs. 5000. To purchase or wanted to know exact price details then simply click on Amazon button.

4. Realme Buds Air Neo

Realme TWS Earbuds
4.6 Stars

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 | Controls: Touch | Driver: 13 mm | Mic: Dual mic, ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) | Battery: Up to 3 hours | Charging: Micro USB

Realme’s newest Bluetooth wearable Wireless earbuds The Realme Buds Air Neo just doing really great in its lowest budget earbuds segment. 

This most affordable pair of true wireless earbuds pack with so many features that just make this super popular and Best earbuds under 5000 Rs.. 

Talking from design so its identical and same looking as Apple’s earbud so definitely grab attention. It feels super light and very light weight in ears make comfortable wearables for longer duration.

This wireless wearables super quick in pairing just adding plus points. There are touch-sensitive points on the earphones for the controls and its worked very well. 

Air Neo had passive noise isolation was practically its not that impressive because its don’t have silicon tips to isolate from ambient noises of surroundings. 

Sound quality is also good but not great as compare to Oppo’s and Oneplus but possible.

 This earbuds also offers Low Latency and this works really great during Gaming The Realme Buds Air Neo gets slightly larger 13mm dynamic drivers, and Realme calls an R1 true wireless chip for dual-channel transmission and better connectivity. 

There’s also a low-latency mode for gaming, touch function customization through the app, and support for Google Fast Pair.

It has the Micro-USB charging port at the bottom not fast charging supported, The earphones ran for around three hours per charge in real world usage, with the charging case managing to power the earphones four more times for a total battery life of 15 hours per charge cycle. Talking about voice Call quality then its loud and clear. 

This will be Best True Wireless (TWS) Earbuds under Rs. 5000. To purchase or wanted to know exact price details then simply click on Amazon button.

5. Noise Shots Rush Earbuds

4.8 Stars

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 | Controls: Touch | Driver: 12 mm | Mic: Dual mic, ENC (Passive Noise Cancellation) | Battery: Up to 6½ hours | Charging: Type-C

Noise Shots Rush true wireless sports earphones are the very appealing to all the fitness lovers and long distance travelers with its on ear hooks for an extra grip. 

The build quality is very sturdy also it has premium soft touch & feel (coz of rubber finish). Yes even its looks bulky but when you actual wear this its feels super light weight! The fit is great, won’t fall even if you shake your head a hundred times because of dedicated extra silicon hooks. 

Coming to the sound quality then this pair not coming slow It provides u 3 EQ MODES (POP/ROCK/CLASSIC) which you can access alternately by tapping 4 times on any earbud sides and they literally make difference in sound quality. All the mids, low and highs you enjoy in this sound separations really good. 

Coming to the features and connectivity then It has Bluetooth 5.0 This is where you seriously love them. Even if you have Android or Iphone device, you will get an great experience With an IPX5 sweat-proof & rain-proof rating, full touch controls, voice assistant (Siri/Google Assistant). 

You can control volume directly from your Shots Rush which you will find very handy feature. 

When it comes to battery, Noise Shots Rush are one of the best in the segment You do your exercise, run, walk, talk wearing them all the day and still you’ll find some juice at the end of the day which is really great. 

Once you charge you will get around playtime of 6 hours on a single charge plus 18 hours with the charging case and in real world its really perform well. 

You will enjoy the online games While playing PUBG & other games you never felt any lag, if you are gamer this one for you its taking your gaming experience to the next level. Definitely checkout this TWS earbuds. 

This will be Best Earbuds under 5000 INR to buy. to checkout the price details just click on Amazon Button.

6. OPPO Enco W31

OPPO Enco W31 review
4.6 Stars

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 | Controls: Touch | Driver: 7 mm | Mic: Dual mic, ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) | Battery: Up to 3.5 hours | Charging: Type-C

The Oppo’s second best TWS Earbuds which is also an Great option for Wireless Earbuds under Rs. 5,000 in India. 

The build quality as same as Oppo’s W51 Sibling very good and looks premium come up with extra ear tips which is very handy just pick the Ear tips as per your ear size and just enjoy. 

You get TYPE C Charging cable which is 12 inch long and should come in handy to charge your phone and earbuds both using USB TYPE-C. 

Small and Large silicon ear couplings are also included. The Oppo W31 shares Similar drivers There is a 7mm dynamic driver onboard with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a range of about 10 meters and its actually works very great. 

On this W31 Not just the TAP function, TWS and Charging Case, But the Sound Quality and Output where it scores above the rest. 

Sound quality is very neat and clean Highs are crystal clear, Mids are nicely balanced and Lows will make sure that no beat and bass goes unnoticed.

Bass can be further enhanced by using Bass Mode and it really does boost about 20% more to the normal bass.

It is enough to blow you away and even on TOP volume for long durations as the volume gets really Loud but still Crystal Clear with no distortion.

Coming to the Battery the it is just awesome and you will not even bother about having these charged very often during the day in real usage. 

Even if you not activate Noise cancellation but with the suction cups it does a wonderful job its snugged fit in you ears and isolates you from surrounding ambient noise. The Dual Mic also pics up the vocals very nicely This really worth the money and it is best tws earbuds under 5000 Rs.. 

Even when you talking in a low voice, the other person on phone could hear loud and clear. This will be Best Earbuds under 5000. To checkout or Price regarding details just click on Amazon button.

7. Noise Shots XO

4.5 Stars

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 | Controls: Touch | Driver: 6 mm | Mic: Dual mic, ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) | Battery: Up to 6 hours | Charging: Type-C

Noise Shots XO are one of the very best TWS Earbuds under Rs. 5000 Segment with tons of premium features.

Starting from design so its come up with metallic Finish Shots XO comes with a round charging case, that slides to give you a Quick look of the uber-stylish earbuds inside. 

Earbuds itself looks super premium and perfectly fits into ears and its really feels comfortable while you are lay down on bed or sofa and that’s make this is the best tws earbuds under 5000 Rs. 

Move on to the Sound quality then if you are Bass lover this definitely for you. Bass is amazing as expected. 

Music quality works amazing in shots XO deliver HD sound quality powered by Qualcomm AptX. also at 100% volume we found Sound may distort at some beats but very minor however 80% volume also enough to enjoy all type of EDM music. 

The touch controls are responsive and work really well. However, there’s no volume controls present, which is disappointing you have to check your phone for that.

One of the most exciting feature of the Noise Shots XO is the ability to power the charging case wirelessly on any Qi-enabled charger. 

Battery life also super impressive the music playback time you will get around whole day and even it remain some juice to listen music. 

It has total battery of 36 hours, with 6 hours on the buds itself, while the charging case holds an additional 30 hours. so you don’t need to take a frequent look on charge.

This will be Best Earbuds under 5000. To check out this Earbuds simply click on Amazon button.

8. CrossBeats EVOLVE 2020

4.7 Stars

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 | Controls: Touch | Driver: 9 mm Crossover + Dual Driver | Mic: Dual mic, ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) | Battery: Up to 6 hours | Charging: Micro USB

CrossBeats very unknown Indian brand specializes in true wireless earphones recently launched CrossBeats EVOLVE 2020 and this one really special. 

Starting from the build quality then its build with Good quality plastic material with mat finished. its feels premium and looks so trendiest earbuds in the market and Best EARBUDS under 5000 Rs.

Design also very fresh and comfortable to wear this for longer duration. Secure Canal Fit, These earbuds will lock perfectly in the gateway of your ear canal to ensure immense comfort along with unmatched effects Its properly snugged fits into your ear and its quite helpful when you lay down on bed or sofa.

Now move on to the sound quality then it won’t make your expectation down with its dual 9mm drivers its really sounds pleasant and well balanced. 

Its sounds so neutral and very strong and punchy bass, well balanced mids, but slightly sharp on highs. 

Overall the voice accuracy and good dynamic range make it a Flexible pair of TWS earbuds to own. You could watch or play games on this Low latency worked very well on this.

These earbuds don’t have Type-C USB. They use a micro-USB. Considering they are Crossbeats supposedly best earbuds so far, this one is drawback for this well build Earbuds.

 It has decent music playback time around 4-5 hours on real world usage. The charge time is 3hours to charge the earbuds from the case, and about 2.5hrs to charge the case itself.

This will be Best Earbuds under 5000INR.  To purchase or check out jut click on Amazon button.

9. boAt Airdopes 441
4.4 Stars

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 | Controls: Touch | Driver: 6 mm | Mic: Dual mic, NA ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) | Battery: Up to 3.5 hours | Charging: Type-C

BoAts TWS Ear-Buds very popular amongs youngsters now days because of its design, Punchy Sound and comfortable fittings into ears.

Starting with Design so it made out of good quality plastic feels basic not so premium like other Earbuds at this range but comfort level on this is really great.  

It has a soft rubber ear tips and these are adjustable with two pairs of dedicated ear tips that are given in the box. Both the earbuds are lightweight and snugged fit into ears. 

These wireless earbuds powered by Bluetooth 5.0 and the range of these are also good no complaints about these.

Coming to the features then you can change on the next music touch the right earbud once and to go on the previous music touch the left earbud once without need to touch your phone but for adjusting volume you need to check your phone which is missing here. 

Now move on to the sound quality then its surprisingly very great The highs and lows are up to the mark even on high volumes without any distortion.

In this TWS earbuds you will get Type C charge port which is impressive at this price rate. It has an 18-hour battery life and each of the earbuds will go up to 3.5 hours in a single charge quite good at this price rates. 

Coming to the mic quality then its not have ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature so on busy streets or transport Voice output not that impressive. Still as per money you are paying it does its work and best tws earbuds under 5000 Rs. 

so if you are looking for good punchy bass sound quality this will definitely a good option. This will be Best Earbuds under 5000 INR. To checkout this earbuds just click on Amazon button.

We hope this top list will help you to find out your best Best Earbuds Under 5000 INR. Comment below which TWS Earbuds you like the most and which you are planning to purchase from these list. may earn some commission when you shop through our link which no extra cost to you support us for our next motivation to serve you more information. Thank You…! For reading do visit again for Tech-related product Reviews.

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